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Like the finest restaurants have a specialized menu and specific way of operating, even the most seasoned opticians need to learn the “Visualeyes way of optometry.” This website will introduce you to the branding of Visualeyes Optometry and how it has become a well-run optometric establishment. Consider it our policy and procedure manual. 


In developing this site, we hope to clarify questions which may arise during the course of your employment about the various procedures of Visualeyes Optometry. We ask that you read this thoroughly at the beginning of your employment, and then yearly after that to review policies. We ask that you refer to this site whenever a question arises. If you have inquiries that cannot be answered here, please ask someone more knowledgeable.


All staff members are an extension of the optometrists. We rely heavily on you to ensure that the patient flow into and out of the office, hour by hour and day by day, is smooth and uninterrupted, as well as to see that all related work is done for the patient. It is important to not only understand the tools you are working with, such as the office software and insurance forms, etc., but also to create a pleasant environment for yourself, the optometrists, and the patients.


This is a website that will never be completed. We are always learning more information that can help us perform our jobs more efficiently. If you have any suggestions on what to add, please feel free to share it with the team at any time!


Our Responsibility


Visualeyes Optometry prides itself in our vision, our mission, and our team. We look for individuals that are positive, confident, cheerful, knowledgeable, caring, sincere, self-motivated, and have a sense of urgency. We will hold you accountable for this! But we also want you to feel empowered to help the patient in any way that you can. Remember the patient is the reason that we are here. So go out and help them while having fun doing it! This all starts for you right now. 



Our weekly meetings are one aspect that allows our team to come together to learn from each other and grow. It is important that if you miss a meeting for any reason, you read the notes from that meeting. They are located here: 

More Training Resources

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