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Team Safety

Checklist to be performed at least quarterly

Patient Health and Safety

  • Ensure safety protocols are in place and being used. 

  • Review all diagnosis and treament protocols in the contxt of current publisghed protocols.

HIPAA Privacy Rules

  • Have the HIPAA Officer review privacy policies and procedures manual to ensure that they are being followed. 

  • Ensure team members are trained in any new policies and procedures. 

  • Ensure patients are being notified about their privacy rights. 

  • Ensure proper NPP, ANPP, staff training documentation and BAAs. 

HIPAA Security Rules

  • Ensure security clearances, access record maintenance, and staff are trained on security.  

  • Document access authorization policies and procedures created and implemented. 

  • Ensure that the office is always locked, and the alarm system is working. 

  • The security officer should review security logs, inspecting for intrusions.

  • Check that the antivirus software is up to date and working. 

  • Ensure computer workstations are loctaed where patients cannot access the terminal or are password protected. 

  • The security officer should review the internal auditing of the office software program, examining access of PHI. 

Internal Practice Third-Party Audit

  • Randomly audit 5-10 patients records per carrier per doctor to ensure what was billed matches the documentation in the patient record. 

Office Safety

  • Inspect flooring

  • Slip hazards

  • Obstructions in hallways and exits

  • Loose material and debris

  • Worn carpeting

  • Cracked tiles

  • Ensure deliveries are handled appropriately

  • Check for sufficient lighting

  • Cofirm the office is cleaned every evening. 

  • Rview hazard policy manual, including policies on 

    • exposure control, response policy​

    • universal precaution policies

    • sterilization, disinfection policies

    • standards for hazardous chemicals

    • workforce safety protocols

    • emergency action plans


  • Do we have all necessary equipment

  • Check high shelves for heavy items

  • Check for mechanical safeguards

  • Inspect cables and plugs for damage

  • Inspect placement of extension cords

  • Check all equipment has been calibrated on the appropriate schedule. 


  • Check posture in the workplace

  • Check display screen equipment is at appropriate level

Fire Prevention

  • Check exit signs are well lit. 

  • Check fire alarms

  • Check fire extinguishers are in working order and not expired. 

  • Ensure everyone knows the emergency evalcuation procedures and routes. 


  • Annual meeting with  insurnace agents to make sure everything is appopriate and updated. 

  • Malpractice insurnace

  • Slips and falls insurance

  • fire insurnace

  • business continuity

  • Flood INsuance

  • Doctor disability insurance


  • Identify all legal forms are in place and being utilized (informed consents, etc)

  • Annual meeting with oractice atorney to make sure everything is appropriate and upfdated. 

  • Yearly fraud and abuse training documentation. 

Human Reource COmpliance​

  • Flexible and consistent sick levae policies

  • payroll adjustments 

  • Evidence of illness orreturn to work verification

  • Managing discrimination

  • Ensure employee manual is udated. Keep up to date with state HR laws. 

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