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Frame Inventory

Adding Frames to Inventory

  • Always start by checking if the frame is already in our inventory. Go to the "Inventory" tab, and click on "Products." In the window, type in the frame number or name and click "Search." Look to see if the frame pops up. 

  • If the frame is already in our system.....

    • Check the wholesale price in Revolution against the invoice. If it is the same, move on. If not, correct the wholesale price and use our pricing guide to determine if the retail price needs to be changed. Please note that if you change the wholesale price, the retail price will automatically change and needs to be reset. ​

    • Click on "Options" and ensure that the correct product color and frame size are already listed. If they are move on. If not, please add them. 

    • Click on "Inventory" and increase the product number by 1. 

    • Click on "Details" and click "Save." 

    • Please a color dot on the frame and place it on the frame boards. 

  • If the frame is not yet in our system.....

    • Click on the "+" in the upper right hand corner and click "Add Product." ​

    • Under Category, Click "Eyeglass Frames." 

    • Click on the Manufacturer. Be careful. There may be more than one. If there are, click on the one that is capitalized, or is followed by "VEO." 

    • Click on the Brand and Collection. 

    • Write in the Model Name or Number exactly as it is on the frame. Do not include any spaces. 

    • Fill in the Wholesale cost that is indicated on the Invoice. Include the list price, not the discounted price. 

    • Fill in the Retail Price using our frame pricing guide. ​

    • Click "Add Product" at the bottom of the screen. 

    • Click on the "Options" tab.

      • "+Add Color." Add both the color name and code as it is listed on the invoice. If just the code is listed, add the code and under color, please describe it to the best of your ability. 

      • "+Add Size." Add the Eye, Bridge, and Temple sizes as listed on the frame's temple. 

    • Click on the "Inventory" tab. 

      • Click on "+Add Item." Click on the item that you would like to add, and then click on "+ Add & Close." Increase the inventory by 1 by clicking the up arrows. ​

    • Click the "Details" tab and then "Save" at the bottom of the screen. 

Removing Frame From Inventory

  • This needs to be performed by Dr. Dodge Please give him the frame name(s) that need to be removed and the reason.


Pulling Reports For Current Frames in the Office

  • On Revolution, go to Reports --> Inventory --> Inventory. 

  • Select the product you would like to find, i.e., "Etnia Barcelona" or "Tom Ford." 

  • Click Search. 

  • To see what we currently have in stock, click on the "items with stock" box.  

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